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Your Energy Has all the Answers

Everything is Energy including you & me! 

We are not just a physical beings, but a combination of highly fantastically skilled Energy levels. If just one of these energy levels is "off" it can create imbalance in our physical, metal or spiritual body which in time can influence our health, wellbeing and life.

Balancing Energy helps clear & untangle problems in our health & life, stopping the repeated patterns, aligning you back to your natural self.

 Making space for positive progress.

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Deeper healing to the mind, body and soul. This healing brings clarity of mind, reduces stress, brings a feeling of balance. 

lisa Salisbury Psychic Energy Health

Your Soulful Self 

A kick start to a healthier energy connection with your superpower self.

Take an Energy sweep through your Health & Wellbeing, Energy Healing

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Psychic Health Sessions

Energy Healing Sessions

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Health & Wellbeing has nothing to do with religion.


Spirituality is about awakening to your true nature self. What I wish to share with you is the connection, awareness and skills to dissolve the problems we carry and highlight our true potential. Yes, this will help you heal, physically, mentally and emotionally, but better yet, it will also show you how to embrace your magnificence.


  The one simple inner achievement that matters more than anything else is to awaken to your true Nature. Connecting beyond your fears and unconscious conditioning to free yourself from the historic grip. This is far more important than any accomplishment in your outer life.


My work is a combination of my intuition, Channelled guidance & 20 years experience of Energy connection. Whether you are experiencing, stress, trauma, fear, loss, overthinking, unexplained illness, boundary issues, low-self esteem, or you’re walking an awakened path and you need a mentor.

You are in the right place, make your appointment...I can’t wait to meet you!


Energy Alchemy Classroom

Mini-courses, tutorials free stuff, meditations for your Energy Health 

You are the most Valuable Investment you will ever make. -Lisa Salisbury