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Hi I'm Lisa,

I'm a Spiritual Energy Health Mentor, a Trained Medical Intuitive & Reiki Practitioner. With the help of my Spirit Team, I work with Psychic Energy, Spiritual connection Reading & Channelling Healing.

To Reveal Release & Heal Energetic root causes beneath Health & well-being challenges.

Here I share my years of Energy awareness helping others connect with their Intuition, Heal and empower themselves

Sessions are mobile 

in and around - the Wirral peninsula UK

For as long as I can remember I have been supported and guided by the most amazing team of Spirit & Devine guides deeply interested in my well-being & practice.

Encouraging me to do this work & helping other people.


I now understand that from a young age, I was very sensitive to energy, seeing & feeling other people's thoughts, health, life's path, and even past events like a blueprint, which at times was extremely confusing & upsetting. 2002 At the start of what was a very tricky time for my own health, I discovered Reiki which changes my life forever! Turning the spirit awareness/connection into a subject I could work with.


Today I've combined all my knowledge into a Spiritual practice to help people heal themselves and improve their own health and well-being path naturally.

I've spent most of my life studying Energy, Healing, Psychic Development, Intuition, and building a relationship with my spirit guides. Reaching my Master Reiki level in 2007 going on to further training in Medical Intuitive, Bio Energy, Chakras, Feng Shui, Home Energy, Space clearing, Intuition & Meditation. 



I struggled for years until I discovered how to understand this energy, work with it and use it in a positive way.

With an army of Ancestry Spirit guides, I've learned to connect with specialist spirit healers, Divine Guardians, and some with plant spirit connections, passing their energy on to clients in my healing sessions. 

I strongly believe that tuning into your intuition and connecting with your true self is one of the strongest skills you can learn, it's an in-build superpower that is unique to each and every one of us.


Before my training, I didn't realize that not everyone feels what's going on!

Seeing & Feeling other people's thoughts, health, life's path, and past events like a blueprint were at times extremely confusing even upsetting triggering my fight or flight, I now understand this was key to my Energy work.