Hi I'm Lisa 


I'm a Reiki Master & Intuitive Energy Mentor, Wife, Mother And Founder of Inspiring Energy Success, here I share my years of Energy awareness helping others connect with their Intuition, Heal and empower themselves.

I live and work on the Wirral, also working with Clients online with Spiritual self-empowerment, Reiki Distance Healing, Plant Spirit Healing, Intuition development 

Heal to Wake up your inner power 

Everything is energy and when we live and connect with the right energy for us we thrive! 

Our health and wellbeing is the most valuable resource we have, without it we have nothing. 

Dis-ease is created by a whole number of things. One thing I'm sure of is that we need to take care of our soul energy as this is the fuel that powers us and our life. 

Get that right and everything flourishes, from our health happiness, experiences, friendships even our wealth.

Intuition has been a strong sense for me since I was just a child, way before I even understood that not everyone feels what's going on!

My intuition and sixth sense trigger my empathic senses, which I struggled with for years until I discover how to understand them, work with them and use them to my advantage.

 I'm a Wife & Mum

Reiki Master

Intuitive Energy Mentor




Beach Walking 

Dog owner

who Love to:



collect herbs & Flower's

Craft making/ Fabric hoarder

A Sixth Sense Intuition kind of Girl 

I started my Reiki training in 2002 reaching my Master Reiki level in 2007

training in Feng Shui, Home Energy, Space clearing, Intuition, and Energy Empowerment

With an army of Ancestry Spirit guides, I've learned to connect with plant spirits earth guardians, passing their energy on to clients in my healing sessions. 

I strongly believe that tuning into your intuition and connecting with your true self is one of the strongest skills you can learn, it's an in-build superpower that is unique to each and every one of us.

I'm a member of the Reiki Federation &

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council