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Image by Karina Vorozheeva

Distance Intuitive Reading & Healing

The session consists of - 

  • Distance Medical Intuitive Reading

  • Spiritual healing

  • Reiki Healing

  • An email consists of a written Intuitive blueprint of your health,

  • Insight into the origin of blocked energies, be it an emotion, event or accident 

  • the healing techniques used and a diagram of your energy health.

  • Going forwards with homework so you can keep the energy flowing. works within the UK  Natural Healer's Society guidelines for ethical and professional practice, which can be found in full here

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Energy Balancing is not limited by location so healing

can be offered wherever you are 


This in-depth 'Distance Healing' option includes:​ 

  • Discussion through email

  • Intention setting for the session, and beyond where necessary.

  • Treatment lasting approx 35 - 45 mins, while you relax in the comfort of your own surroundings.

It is recommended that you get comfortable and take the time to clear your mind - although this is not absolutely necessary, it is a great excuse to relax and dedicate some time to yourself with the intention of healing and being present in your body. You will be advised to stay well hydrated and avoid additional toxins (such as alcohol, caffeine, and smoking) afterwards.

Further details will be provided at the time of booking, including tips for before, during, and after your treatment. Should you have any further questions you're welcome to get in touch? 


£45 per session to be paid at the time of booking.


Find the payment and cancellation policy here. 

Image by Katherine Hanlon

What is Distance Healing?

Distance Healing is a technique whereby you do not have to be physically present to receive healing. 

The intention to heal is sent by the healer and received by the client in an instant transmission.  The healer can then in real-time access information about the client and transmit healing.  This is explained by Quantum physics, it is called the entanglement theory, when two particles of energy come into contact with each other they can then share information or mirror each other even if separated by time and space.

Albert Einstein called this “spooky action at a distance.”


Why Distance Healing?

I have spent many years healing in person and at a distance with identical results. As part of my practice and  With the growing number of enquiries from people  I have been keen to make his gift accessible to everyone.  The result is a new and unique Distance Healing system tailored to the patient's needs. 

What makes this distance healing system unique?

It is well known that exercise and eating well are activities you should undertake daily in order to maintain good health, but what about your energy body and emotional well-being?


These are often neglected, Distance Healing program doesn’t just focus on these during your session, but instead gives you the tools to maintain them daily through a recorded guided meditation.

Our voices have a very unique healing vibration to them, and following my guided meditation for just 5 minutes per day in-between sessions is enough to re-balance your emotions and energy body. 


I have seen many amazing results, with clients reporting uplifts in energy, vibrancy and overall well-being. 

Many have stated that listening to their guided healing meditation was like having a healing session in person every day!


To book a distance session


Please contact me by email at or by text to 07946494825 

where we can arrange a date and time for the session to take place. 

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