Do you have a wish?

To change and create something wonderful in your life? 


why not give it your full attention,

set your energy to work and receive 

powerful Reiki Energy to clear and enhance

your Manifestin

Manifest your Future Wish


It's easy to create change when you know clearly what it is you want to achieve.

But do your thoughts and emotions jump from one subject to another unclear where to direct your energy?


Your Future Wish E-course helps you get clear on what you want, where you need to be and how to focus your energy to manifest with ease. 



It's no joke! you have to power inside of you,

you just need to get on the right energy frequency x



Your Future Wish eBook will help you get clear on where your Energy needed to focus.


Request your Reiki distance session which will help clear old thoughts and enhance your energy to create changes.


You will then put your focus on manifesting with your heart's content 5- day ritual program.


You are now ready for your Second Reiki Distance healing session, this second session is to enhance your wish and help with the manifesting process.


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Dreams do come true!

You just need to know how to change the energy frequency

Manifest your Future Wish

Is an Online Course, you'll receive your own password to the private manifesting page of which includes:

  •  Your Future Wish eBook

  • Manifest 5-Day Ritual Program

  • 2 Reiki sessions - 5 days apart

  • Received at your Convenience

  • Follow up email 

Sarah J
I felt there was so much more to this course than I expected which was a great surprise. The Future wish book asked so many thoughtful questions, I felt it really motivated me to get the work done. The Two Reiki sessions were great I really felt a shift in energy. Thank you, Lisa.
Kate B
All I can say is Wow I totally loved this course, easy clear and so empowering. Plus the Reiki sessions were so great. I'll definitely be recommending to my friends. 
Chelsea H
Thank you, Lisa, This is a great motivating course, that really helped me focus on what I wanted and directing my energy. I look forward to a fabulous outcome.