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Medical Intuitive
 In-person Sessions

Mind Body & Emotion Connection, A psychic Overview of Health & Wellbeing 


The primary function is to clean and balance the human energy and energy field.

This work is done by intuitively scanning the body for areas of imbalance that may need alignment or treatment known as Medical Intuitive it's an energy technique of reading your energy for health purposes. 

Our bodies contain our life's history- every event and relationship, every emotion be it happy or sad. As our lives unfold, our biological health becomes a living, breathing biographical statement that conveys our strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears." some of which can manifest into massive physical problems, these sessions step in the way of disruption to realign you to your natural energy.​

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Your Energy Has All the Answers


What is a Medical Intuitive?

A Medical Intuitive uses intuition & impressions, which seek to name the Root Cause or Original Trigger of a complaint, illness or disease, or to proactively discover the imbalance before it becomes disease or illness.


Unlike a psychic reading, a Medical Intuitive Reading provides an anatomical and psychological profile of the Root Cause(s) or Core Imbalances. The Medical Intuitive traces an imbalance back to its source location (specific muscles, bones, organs, glands, chakras, aura) and the time frame when the client’s body was unable to restore homeostasis through normal mechanisms.


A Medical Intuitive Reading includes information about toxins, illness residues, physical injuries, imbalances caused by electromagnetic fields (EMF), emotional holding patterns, and much more. A Medical Intuitive Reading also includes an action plan to empower the client’s resolution or healing of the Root Cause of their condition, concern, complaint, or illness.

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Sessions Structure

Time -  2 hours give or take

In-person-  with me Lisa Salisbury

Where - I work Mobile Sessions held at your home, as this helps with energy connection, Session will need space for us to sit and not be disturbed.

You will receive - Medical Intuitive reading a channelled Healing & Alignment Session with Homework 

Price - £ 75 for the first session - 2 Hours

               £45 for follow up sessions - 1 Hour

  • We'll look at blocks that can be highlighted and removed ​

  • A review of your body’s Energetic levels, systems and symptoms​

  •  A review of your chakras vitality 

  • A look at the themes, “stories,” influences that may impact your well-being​

  • Focussing forward, we'll set some energy exercises you can empower yourself with at home, to help with recurring triggers.​​

  • My Self-connection manual to refer back to with helpful tips to keep you

  • on track. Helping you take action to improve your health and wellbeing.


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