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Inspiring Healthy Energy Balance

Healthy flowing Energy Creates Positive health in our mind, body & soul 

Meet Lisa 

Certified Reiki Master Practitioner

Plant Spirit Health & Spirit-guided Insight for health & wellbeing

Our Energy Health


We are not just a physical being but have many Energy levels to us.


Life's experiences both positive and negative can create patterns that are held within our physical body, these patterns can then manifest in many areas of our life including physical, spiritual and emotional health.


By Identifying areas in ourselves that hold unwanted energy we can stop the process of dis-ease, sadness, confusion and enhance positive vibes that spill out into all areas of our lives.


Enhancing the best energy for us to thrive in all areas of our lives.

I'm here to help guide you to Invest in your own Energy, positive energy for self-healing, Creating future Wishes & overcome blocks,  Lisa 

Let Natures Energy be your Remedy!

Image by Leonardo Wong


Ease in your Health

Give your health a positive energy boost

Our lives are complicated! emotional & physical all of which can stick to us like glue.

Imaging how tied you would be if every emotion or experience you had in life came with a physical object you had to carry around with you everywhere you go?  Energy balance moves this energy weight, makes space in your spiritual body to allow your physical and emotional body to function at its best.


Change in your life

Energy Balance can help with making room for change in your life. Anything is possible once your energy is balanced correctly. Positive Energy can't help but pull those wished towards you, its like opening the door to new possibility without obstructions. 

With purpose

Getting stuck in life is very much like dealing with an illness you need to heal an emotion before the change in your life can happen. Your life is a reflection of your Energy. Get rid of that Energy baggage and fill your aura with the right kind of positive energy.

And Depth

Are you looking for...

We are Energy!  

Get the balance right & Flourish 

Energy Balance

Using natural Reiki energy and plant spirit energy I can help rebalance your energy in a physical and emotional capacity. Making space for new health clearer understanding and space for new possibilities.

With the help of my spirit guides, we can work on releasing emotional patterns and receive answers to problems. Sharing spiritual techniques to help focus your Awareness to the unique power within you!

Self Empowerment

My goal is to inspire you to understand the amazing world of Energy Balancing, the benefits of Reiki as well as other healing energy we have access to. Helping you re-establishing your natural energy levels, How to Invest in your own Energy, positive energy for self-healing, Creating future Wishes & overcome blocks.

Connecting to new possibilities

Helping you open to the infinite wonder of who you are, with all the possibilities and potentials that are available to you, making space for change, at a deep soul level.

Taking out the rubbish

Release old patterns, beliefs and behaviours limiting your ability to live freely and authentically, rekindling your self-belief.

Make this space the beginning of an amazing journey of growth & expansion.

How I can help...

Hello Lisa,

Many thanks for the Reiki healing which was lovely and smooth, very calming. I am on day 5 of feeling well which is the best feeling, Thank you x 


Clair Wright

Receiving this wonderful reiki energy from Lisa was a beautiful experience. I felt held in a capsule of magic, focusing on my dreams and knowing they were supported in the beautiful Reiki energy. Thank you Lisa for offering this service. X

Lyndsay Corker


Thank you so much for all your help and guidance, Before the Reiki session I was a little sceptic not understanding how it can work, but after a few days the difference was clear and I'm totally in love with the change. Your a star thank you x

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