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Recharge your vibes

Is your vibe off? Then You may need to ground yourself.

Being grounded mean's you need to connect your body to the earth, recharging your body with the earth’s energy, when you’re not grounded your body’s energy gets stale and stagnant. Grounding gets your energy flowing properly in the right direction, it quiets your inner chatter so that you can clearly hear your own voice, your true vibes, and your sixed senses that gut feeling.

we all need to be grounded to listen to ourselves, to understand our own health and to trust our inner vibes.

When we aren’t grounded are true vibes are off, they can’t be trusted, when we're not grounded are bodies are under stress we become anxious, we worry unnecessary, we become restlessness, insecure, can’t think straight, drumming over past evens, these are all signs you’re not grounded. Exaggerate your problems, worry over imagined things, living one drama after another, your stress level is always high, on edge? ten you need to ground yourself.

Recharging yourself is easy you can take time out in nature, a walk on the beach, in the wood, across fields anywhere there’s more nature than concrete, the more time in nature you take the more you will be grounded. I also do a grounding meditation that’s easy for everyone to do.

Grounding meditation

Sit or lie in a quiet space, relax your body with deep breathing. Once you feel relaxed and your mind is not wandering you’re ready to start.

I want you to imaging roots coming out of soles of your feet, and the seat of your pants.

The roots are traveling down to the middle of the earth, going through the house you’re sat in, down through the earth, once it reaches the centre of the earth the roots wrap themselves around an anchor.

Now take your attention up to the top of your head. An opening on the top of your head opens and more roots come out traveling up to the heavens.

These roots are traveling up through your house, up through the clouds in to black sky, past the stars until they stop and tie themselves around an anchor.

You are now grounded, sit here for a few minutes, and breathe deeply

Once you are ready, imagine the energy coming up through the roots from the earth, and down from the heavens mixing together inside of you.

Your own instincts will tell you when you’ve had enough, and when you have you can imagine the roots to the earth pulling loose and being pulled back up to your feet.

Then imagine the roofs from your head being draw back down, until they are all gone.

This is a brilliant exercise to do when you feel a little lost emotionally, it can be done wherever you are and whenever you need it.

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