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keep yourself anchored down

Grounding Heaven and Earth Energy

If you ever feel emotional, on edge or feel like others are attacking you. A great way to keep yourself attuned to your true self is to ground yourself,

this exercise is great for doing just that.

please read through a few times first so that you can remember the steps.

Focus your attention on your body, Begin with your feet,

Then slowly and thoroughly move your awareness up through your legs, thighs, arms, neck and head.

Be very aware of your breath moving in and out, in and out.

Imagine that you are surrounded by light.

As you breath in, inhale this light, and feel your body filling with it.

As you breath out, exhale any tention, any pain you may feel in your jaw, your face, your shoulders.

Exhale any tention you feel elsewhere in your body.

Keep inhaling light, exhale tension. until you are relaxed and calm.

If your mind begins to drift or chatter, gently bring your attention back to your breathing.

Now begine to picture tiny roots coming out of the soles of your feet and bottom of your spine, feel them growing and growing.

Extend them down through your chair through the floor, all the way down into the earth beneath you,

Continue breathing in light and exhale tention, and as you do, visualize your roots wriggling deep, deep into the ground, taking hold there, connecting you very securely to the centre of the earth.

On the next inhalation, imagine you can breath through your roots.

Draw the energy of the earth itself up through your roots just as you would a staw.

Draw the earth energy up, up into your body until it fills your heart and begins to course through your entire being.

Now bring your attention up to the top of your headm to your crown.

Visualize this spot, beginning to open. From this opening fibbers are emerging, long filaments reaching up like branches through the ceiling, all the way up through the building, stretching up into the sky, out into the heavens.

Imagine these filaments connecting yo to the sun and all the planets and the stars.

As you inhale, breath in the energy of the heavens, bringing it down, down through these fibbers into your body through the top of your head.

Draw this energy down into your heart, letting it fill with readiant light of the heavens.

feeling it course through your entire being.

Now breath in both streams of energy up from the earth and down for the heavens, at the same time.

Allow these two energies to weave together in your heart and fill your body.

Keep breathing in the energy up from the earth and down fro the heavens.

You are now anchored securely between heaven and earth.

When you are ready, become aware of your body again, of where you are, feel your breath rise and fall. feel your heartbeat, listen to all the sounds around you.

Slowly in your own time open your eyes.

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