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Dyslexic hadn't been invented when I was a kid

So I’m very much Dyslexic, and kind of find it amusing, a hidden gift. For me it’s always been a positive quality.

As a child I didn’t understand how academics couldn’t figure out the puzzles? You know those common sense situations that seem so simple to us Dyslexic’s.

When I was a child Dyslexic hadn’t been invented, I spent my school years being tested for hearing loss or eye sight problems? Every time they come back clear. So what was the problem?

I just didn’t fit in the box of academic’s. And that was just fine with me, I didn’t want to fit in to the education box, those that did never seemed that intelligent to me. Why coz they wouldn’t or couldn’t use their intuition. They seemed, to do because they should. They also kind of struggled with the creative skills.

Dyslexic’s are creative, think outside the box people, our brains see things differently so work things out in a different way.

Though history some of the most successful artist, scientist, writers and inventers have been Dyslexic.

When I discovered this as a young girls it was unbelievably empowering, it was a major turning point for me, it was the first time I started seeing my Dyslexic as a gift, and I started to realize I could do anything I wanted.

There‘s no such word as can’t.

The things I struggled with like putting letters in to words and stringing them together just didn’t seem to matter.

I started to only concentrate on the things I could do, like drawing and painting and making things out of anything I got my hands on. Sewing, making cloths, embroidery and learning crafts till I burst.

So do you have a Dyslexic child? Teach them about all the wonderful Dyslexics of the world.

Empower that child, find the gift with in them,

Stir it up and let it shine.

So did you find a Dysie spell?

A but instead of a put, a D instead of a B or an extra E congratulations

Art work by Artis and illustrator Vince Low.

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