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Call back your Energy

Call Back your Energy

Throughout the day parts of your Energy field (the aura around you) are being extracted from you in the form of words, thoughts, connections with others and places you visit.

When you talk to someone their energy is being extracted from them towards you, just as your energy is towards them.

Though out our day to day activities and interactions with others, we are constantly picking up their energy and leaving our energy in places we visitor and all the people we see, talk to or pass exchanges with.

Your energy field is always switched on to interacting with the energy fields of others. Energy is everywhere and everything, including you and everyone else.

In heated debates with others it draws a lot out of your energy resource and will make you feel physically drained.

This also go’s for thoughts, when you think about sad or negative memories your energy go’s to that time in space and becomes tangles in that thought, bringing back only more of that sad or negative emotion.

When you are back in your own time, away from those that drain you, unfortunately your energy doesn’t always come back with you, and this is why we need to take back out energy.

In fact it could be still with the others person or place that zapped you

This can bring great problems with it, if your energy is not with you, you will be living with a drained energy source, but also the connection with the drainer, person or place is still attached to you.

I like to call this silver psychic threads, they can transfer energy down them back to you. Bringing the memories of problems and upset with it, making you relive it over and over again. It can make you feel drained, low on energy, almost paranoid as you are still attached to the source or upset.

Calling Back Your Energy

So that you are fully in control of your energy, and to keep it in you possession you need to call your energy back.

By having a full energy resource at hand can bring great benefits like feeling in control, feeling energized, clear minded, no negative thoughts rolling round in your mind.

When we leave are energy to its own devises it sticks to every part of our life, from walking through the supermarket, driving in our car, talking to neighbors and with exchanges with friends and family, almost like a train of crumbs.

You can call back energy from the same day or week or from years ago.

The strongest Energy drains are usually the place that your mind or emotions go the most.

Where your energy needs to be is with you

This is a simple Exercise which will only take 5 minutes, once you get the hang of it your will be able to do it much quick

1. Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes.

2. Take a few deep breaths and relax.

3. If you feel your know where your energy has gone, visualise it there, but if not that is ok.

Go back over your day and week, paying specific attention to all areas and people to which you have given a lot of your energy.

As you sit, allow these locations of your energy to come to mind. When you can identify where your energy has been left, picture it being pulled back to you, back through invisible silver threads, back into your aura.

Have you been thinking about an old upset with a family member, you had years ago, drumming over past memories only drained more of your energy to that incident, making the memory stronger and you weaker.

Did you bump into an old friend in the shops who felt the need to tell you all her problems and insist on your advice, if so visualise your energy there and call it back.

Do you think that your energy may have been left with your children? They may have been extra demanding on you and this could be draining your energy.

Don’t feel bad about pulling back your energy from loved ones, this is your energy and it’s no good for them holding on to it, with children it can make them feel more independent.

It’s time to call your energy back.

4. Visualize your energy returning to you.

Our minds and energy source are wonderfully tuned in together, by picturing or just thinking your energy may be left in certain situations most probable means it has.

Ask your energy to come back to you in your mind or out loud, include this calling with an image of your energy being pulled back to you down threads of silver line, back to you.

Visualise your energy flowing back to you, back in to your body.

Imagine yourself with all your silver threads of energy being draw back to your, imagine your image getting brighter as more and more energy is returned to you.

As your energy continues to flow in, Imagine this energy creates a white ball of light inside you, growing larger the more energy you call back.

This ball of white light glow’s and grows larger until it completely submerges you in it.

5. Continue keeping your energy close

Regular calling back your energy builds strong connection with your energy source, By doing this often it empowers you, keeps you grounded, alert, and in full power to take on anything.

Practice makes perfect

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