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Meditation benefits beyond the body

Meditation is widely known in the science world as been beneficial to our health, helping our bodies to heal. But are you aware that Meditation also has a great benefit on us even when were not ill.

Calm the mind One of the main benefit's for meditation for me is to focus and calm the shatter in my mind. It puts a stop to the replaying of upset past experiences, reliving hurtful comments or unhappy times, which only have a negative affect.

By using meditation regularly your consciousness becomes still and you start to feel your awareness kicking in. This brings contentment in the present moment, contentment with who you are, it stops you from constantly looking back or planning forwards.

Don't get me wrong I'm always looking to future, making plans but with my consciousness living in the now, I'm focussed properly to move forward in the right direction.

Meditation promotes a great grounded energy x

Confident and contentment Over thinking can strongly mess with your confident, bringing on low self esteem.

When we don't Meditate we develop a voice in our heads called Ego that only had past experience to go on, which mainly are low self- limiting beliefs, living on this level will only knock your confident, carrying these past opinions and feelings in your mind can destroy a person.

By regularly Meditating you can but a stop to this inner disruptive voice, and your mind will stop dictating so much.

You will feel free to change, experience new ways of being, and engage in life confidently.

As a child I quickly became aware of this inner ego and when something restricting kicked in, I'd shout ( in my own head)

NO that's not for ME...

With out even knowing what I was doing I used to meditate or day dream as I thought it was, I'd make plans with pictures of how my day was going to plan out.

if I knew something in my day was coming up that I didn't want to handle, I'd plan it first in my day dream ( meditate). This not only gave me the confident but also controlled that voice.

I became aware very quickly that even when things didn't work out as I'd like them too, I didn't stress out and that panic that used to hit me wasn't there.

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