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You’ll keep crashing if you only look back

I’ve done it and I’ve seen lots of others do it as well and that’s constantly looking back over past experiences.

We do it to try and work the problem out, but what we're really doing is re-experiencing the problem, recreating the negative energy and messing up our minds, with exaggerating emotions.

Putting yourself back into the emotional disruptive vibes which bring all the same problems that the original experience gave you, it stops yourself from healing, reopens all the upset and surrounds you with more of the same negative energy. Why do that?

By constantly thinking of negative and upsetting past experiences you relive the same problem

To heal a wound you need to stop touching it

Stop picking! Remember as a child being told to leave a scab along, but all you wanted to do was pick and see what scar would be left.

Life experiences are just the same. So as not to have layers of emotional scars you need to allow experiences to heal. One way of doing this is to not keep reliving your painful memories.

Easy said than done I know!

Been there got that T-shirt! So my advice is to address your memories in a different light. Allow yourself to forgive yourself and anyone who did you wrong.

When I know I’m going back over something, I consciously take time out and do my healing meditation.

Allow yourself to relax, quietly sit, and take some deep breaths.

Allow your mind to go back to this experience, try to visualise it as a third party, and try not to allow your emotions to take over.

Recognise the experience who said what and what actions you had and how the other people involves reacted.

Now see yourself and anyone else involved as individuals who need love and forgiveness. See all involved as being on a learning experience, right or wrong.

This may feel very hard to do the first time round, I know it took me several goes before I could fully forgive. Try not to analyse who was in the wrong or what you could have done differently. These memories are in the past not the present.

To take it to the next level, see if you can take the memory on to change it to a better outcome, maybe there was something someone could have said or done? And how that could off changes the story. Stopping negative upset. It may take you a few goes to get to change the end result, but it’s definitely worth having a go.

I like to attach an image and an affirmation to the memory.

I forgive myself,

I allow myself to heal,

I no longer need to relive this experience.

Please allow everyone involved to heal.

You know all those thing you’ve always wanted to do?

You should go do them. X

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