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Broadcasting your emotions

As an Empath I get first hand view on other people's feelings and emotions. People carry their experiences round with them much like a child carry her favorite book around a library.

images string along with words that were said and all sorts of emotions attached, Most carry on their day unaware how much they are sharing. it's like little specks of dust in the air, following them around wherever they go.

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We think our thought are our own business but infact they travel beyond our physical which is like an arial, vibrating out like a radio broadcasting.

And we think our thoughts and feelings don't affect anyone else, well you're wrong they do. Even the non sensitive will pick can up them up. Being unaware of what they are picking up on, doesn't mean it won't have an effect on them because it can.

Even the unconscious thoughts & emotions you aren't aware of also vibrate out just the same, it's almost like a very low setting on your radio.

We don't just live on the earth we are part of it, a moving living vibrational being. Every single one of us play a part in broadcasting our emotions out to everyone else on the planet.

Thoughts inside your head that feel foreign to your mind, or feelings just out of the blue, that don't fit in with your day could well belong to someone else, those close to you in your life or just close physically to you, broadcasting which you pick up on.

I like to work on my own energy vibration to help keep them at a distance.

So what is it you mainly think about?

What emotion takes up the biggest part of your day?

To help not only yourself but loved ones around you, you can change your thoughts. stop re-evaluating negative experiences, and build up happy positive thoughts,this in time will heighten your energy vibration bringing only positive vibes to you.

Remember what we think we attract

So that thought you drum over in your mind, do you really want that ?

or is it the opposite to what you want!

Because thinking of the lack of something will only ever attract the lack of what it is your thinking. x

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