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The Good That Came out of the Most Traumatic Time of My Life


The first time I knew undoubtedly I had spirit guides helping me, was one of the most dramatic times of my life.

And not only, did my guides step up and show me they were here to help, but they were protecting and guiding me toward the best future.

My daughter had been born extremely premature, at just twenty-six weeks and weighing in at 2lb. 2oz. I felt like crumpling, plans I’d put in place were gone, and the picture the doctors had given us of our future was far from perfect.

From as soon as we realized she was going to be born prematurely I had an incredible overwhelming powerful spirit energy surrounding me, guiding me and it made me feel incredibly safe.

It was almost like an inner knowing, a gut feeling that we were experiencing this for a reason, and that all was going to be ok.

As a child I was very aware of energy around me, I felt other people’s emotions and had an inner knowing about people before I actually got to know them. I saw them carrying their emotions round like swirls of clouds dragging behind them.

I could feel energy in building past experiences felt almost like looking at a picture books.

In my late teens my awareness faded and life rolled on as any other teenager’s life. My tuning into the buzzing energy started to dim and I slowly forgot how to listen to it.

But when I was faced with this incredibly shocking experience of having a baby born so early and being told by doctors, she will have to deal with so much, my senses kicked in and I was transported back to my early years feeling and tuning into spirit as I had as a child.

Guides surrounded me and sat patiently with me, sending overwhelming streams of loving energy my way.

My sensors were buzzing, I could feel energy again from all directions. It was hard to keep my feet on the ground when my guide’s energy was so positively powerful.

I would sit next to my daughter’s incubator, almost in a daze watching her lie so still. I always had several guides around me, I would feel them stood behind me, and see them in my mind. The energy around them felt save, it always felt like I was in the right frequency.

Floods of loving images would flow through my mind and travel to her as if my guides were showing my how wonderful her life will be, and sending them on to her.

One day when my emotions were getting the better of me, I stood alone folding the wash. I started to get upset, thinking what ifs, negative outcomes and that life was not ever going to be normal again.

When two massive hands rested on my shoulders it shocked me and I couldn’t more!

In my mind’s eye there was a large spirit of a man stood behind me, and he told me all was going to be just fine, and that he was here to see us through this, and as quickly as it happened it was gone.

I was a new mum of a tiny premature baby I should have been handling the experience in such different ways. Don’t get me wrong I had my moments.

But I found I was the one who was reassuring other members of the family that she was going to be ok, everyone seemed to be so negative and reserved from a positive outcome.

So why was I on cloud nine then?

Because I had the strength of my guides around me. It was almost like we were protected by an energy force telling me they were here to help, and that they will guide the situation to the best outcome. A bigger purpose.

Ever since my experience of being shocked back to the vibration of my spirit guides I’ve never left, but have tuned in more and more, I feel this is the greatest vibration to live on.

Our wishes came true, our daughter is now fifteen years old happy and very healthy, none of the expectations the doctors predicted came to life.

After years of listening and learning I now know we all have a protective force of spirit guides, waiting to help and guide us throughout our lives, so help them and meet them half way, if we lift our energy vibration up to a higher frequency, we can thrive.

If we pay attention to the whispers we won’t have to hear the shouts. @LisaMKD (Click to Tweet!)

I wonder have you ever experiences such strength from another energy source that at the time you just couldn’t explain?


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