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Sponging up negative energy from others

Have you ever experiences the feeling of being drained of energy after being around other people? Do you feel like you've sponging up negative energy from them? and just feel exhausted.

Well the reality is you probable did.

We all have an energy field around us that is influences by our emotions, thoughts and daily experiences, this energy can be felt by others that come in close proximity to us.

Without even knowing it. Being around energetic happy friends and family has a great feeling and we know just how they are feeling, its as if its written all over them, this energy is great and we walk away with a positive experience. But those that are down unwell or just feeling negative can very quickly pull other’s energy down with them.

So why does our energy match others and leave us feeling just as negative?

No matter who you are around work colleagues friend or just people passing in the street they all have their own energy field and so do you. the strongest vibration is always the winner be that negative or positive, if your feeling low and your family energy is vibrating on a high positive it will pull you up, if you give it a chance. But it will also work in the opposite way pulling your energy vibration down.

I’ve come to realise after years of sponging up negative energy that we can take control by aligning our own energy to the best frequency we can.

Being in a good level space emotionally not drumming over past negative experiences but living in the moment can all help keep your energy on the right level, which is the most healthy for us to live at. It allows us to grow to be creative to achieve and to live a fuller life.

By being in a state of negative thoughts and feelings we allow others to drain our energy and it feels like we’re being attacked by them. It can become a dangerous negative cycle, where it can take years before you can step out of it.

Its not other peoples problems its ours ?

Do the work yourself deal with you and your energy instead of passing the blame over to the other person, be responsible for your energy and what others pick up from you. Be kind to yourself it takes time.

Make sure your day is balanced, if you feel low or down on energy do something that you know will pick you up,


listen to upbeat music,

Be positive with your thoughts don't let the negative creep in.

Be kind to yourself


Visualise positive bright white light surrounding you

When around others think about how they may be feeling, by being aware of negativity you will know what your don't want, Say in your mind ‘’thats not for me’’

Add affirmation to your day


Be grateful

Let go

Ground yourself in nature

Remember their energy is their responsibility not yours.

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