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Do a little to Change a Lot

Today I'd like to share how we can all do a little to change a lot.

I've been doing space clearing for many years now.

But for those that don't,or don't want to, here's away everyone can shift energy in their homes. without doing a full space clean ritual.

START WITH ONE DRAW, one cupboard, one pile of book, one work desk, one sock draw, one toy box, one sewing kit, one drop it there and pick it up never Corner !!

*By just rearranging clearing out or throwing out unused or unwanted items from just one small space, you refigure the energy for the whole room. Getting rid of old energy helps to bring in new.

*The few weeks before I'm going to do a full space clearing on my home, I start with reorganising, those cluttered spaces, the shoe cupboard, the bottom of wardrobes, piles of magazines.

*clean! Cleaning is the next step once your clutter is sorted, clean the spaces as you work on them, then clean the whole room adding positive visualisation as you go, i like to get my head in the right frame of mind before hand, this way your feelings will be left with what your cleaning.

*To take it to another level you can Smudge your home with sage. Sage smudge sticks are a great way to move stagnant energy left in buildings.

Please be super carful burning sage in your home and always have a plate at hand ready to catch the ashes.

* Space clearing is a way of sealing the new clear space you've created, and also away of adding in positive energy with affirmations.

its a process of connection with your home. if you think you'd like a go of learning more about Space clearing please check out more info here

* Adding Flower or plants to a room once its clean and clutter free is a great Energy boost xxx

Energy in homes and building was one of the first energy I felt as a child, I'd feel other peoples emotions stuck on walls and furniture, almost like walking through cobwebs that shouted out the conversations and feelings of people living there showing me images, almost like watching a relived play.

There was places I'd hate to go, and others i felt more at home in, than at home. my reaction to these places were all because of emotions & feelings, energy left behind from people, Energy stuck to physical things.

As a teen I had a girl friend who's home was the best hang out, and still is :) it was always warm friendly and her home smelt of happiness.

I also had a friend, that when i knocked round at her home I'd never go in. The feeling of fear would hit me as soon as i walked up the drive, Sadness. something was so wrong but as a teen luckily i had no emotions that matched that feeling, so i didn't get to know what that feeling was for many years. I'll leave that story with Evil step dad.

If you also can feel emotions and energy, maybe you might like my

FREE 5 day challenge Tap into your Power

*You'll learn how to understand why you feel energy,

*how to turn the switch on it down,

*and how to benefit for this natural super power.

I hope this is of some use to you.

I'd love to hear your experiences Lisa x

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