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Spring clean Your Soul to Create with Thoughts


Start by connecting to your inner self. Sit somewhere comfortable.

Imagine yourself sat, relaxed. Breathe slowly and deeply.

As you breath out, imagine everything that doesn’t serve you, negative feelings thoughts and emotions exiting your body with every breath out. Visualise this energy as grey unwonted emotions. Feel it being pulled out.

As you breath in, only allow clean fresh air to enter your body. Healing qualities.

Imagine it reaching to every part of your body, right down to your toes. see how clean and fresh it feels, allow it to spark as it brings in new energy.

Continue to breath out grey and breathe in white light.

Be aware of what you are seeing in your mind and how you are feeling. These feelings and images are connected to the energy that your releasing. Write it down as it may come in useful to look back on.

I personally, have successfully changed and created many wonderful things in my own life, by using these very same steps.

I strongle believe that we are the masters of our own destiny and all elements within it.

With the knowledge of how ! It makes all the Different's


We all have the capability to create/ manifest in our lives, what we focus on we create. We create every day mostly without even knowing what were doing. Can you imagine the differents your life would be if you had full control of creating your life.

Be clear on what it is you want to create.

Be it a healthy body, a move to a bigger home or maybe more money. What ever it is, to allow the law of attraction to fully have space to work you first need to:

A, Spring clean your Soul with the above visualisation

B, Be aware of your everyday thoughts. Do they line up with that which you wish for?

Because if all you think of is how broke you are, you will never manifest more money, but will only manifest being Broke !

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What we give out always comes back. x

Intuition is her Favourite Super power

LisaSalisbury Empathic Intuitive Mentor.

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