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Why we need to Raise our Vibe

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

You are Energy and its Vibrating

It's not just you but everything you see around you, your food your home and everything in it.

Our thoughts are Vibes as well every image we imagine creates a frequency of energy that vibrates out into our body, which has a massive influence on us physically and mentally. Hight Vibes which are seen as good and positive they heal and change our bodies, they spark happiness and creativity the feeling of fulfilment and entered belonging.

Low Vibes do the exact opposite they feel low, sad and negative, they bring the feeling of slow and mundane.

Your body needs high vibes it needs nourishing food, to move to stretch to breath fresh air, these all raise your vibes. It needs a little fun!

What goes around comes around and this is so true, you are what you put out, you’ll attract exactly what you think as your thoughts create your vibes.

When your thoughts or off and your energy is low, you’ll attract the same, you may become unwell catching every cold that's going around, why? because your energy is matching the same low vibe.

But take control of your thoughts enhance your high vibes and everything changes, you attract high vibrational energy, other people with the same level of energy will be part of your life, your thought becomes clear and so they start to create great new energy, new experiences and abundance.

When we feel low and stuck we focus on the physical more the body where not happy with, the lack of possessions, we forget to feel the high vibes and all its greatness it brings, the positive experiences the fun and laughter the friendships, our gratitude.

We forget we are infinite beings and not the value of our expensive possessions.

10 ways you may be lowering your Vibes

  1. negative thoughts,

  2. staying stuck in the past

  3. unbalanced diet -

  4. being around negative people that don't support you

  5. Violence, be that watching on TV

  6. Gossiping

  7. not forgiving others

  8. Not expressing your feelings

  9. becoming a couch potato/ not moving enough

  10. your home- living in clutter,

Why Raise your Vibes?

To feel happy content, to feel connected to who you are and the world around you, to have a peaceful mindset, to create a wealth of change in your life, to be healthy.

1. Be grateful, gratitude rises your vibe

2. Being your true self

3. Meditating

4. getting out in nature, walking

5. Exercising

6. eating healthy

7. living in a positive environment

8. being around people who make you feel happy and supported

9. Laughing

10. Sleep

11. Being creative taking up a hobby

12. being kind to yourself, your so worth free time to rest

13. Forgiving yourself and others

14. Listening to music

15. drinking water

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