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How to make a vision board that Actually works

I created my first vision board over twenty-five years ago, as a bit of fun if I'm honest with you and the out come was magical.

At the time vision boards were seen as a gimmick that only the wacky new age were into and everyone else just mocked them. Trust me there's nothing to mock, I've created every time what I've wanted or even better.

The clue is in the planning and deciding what it is you do actually really want.

My first vision board was everything a naive teenager wanted, wishing for the world, a dream job, a new car, a loving boyfriend/future hubby, our own home and it went on and on. My vision board got left on top of my wardrobe and forgotten about until I moved out of my parents home and I stumbled across it clearing my room where I realise it had all come true. I was buying my first home with my then boyfriend now husband, I had my dream job and car and all that !

So from then on whenever there was a need for change or a wish I’d love to see happen, i work out the details with a vision board.

The magic power is not in the vision board and all its images its in the making of it, and your energy.

Getting clear on what you do actually want to create is the power, you change the energy of your self and the future, by deciding how the future looks sets the energy scale to aline with that which you wish for. Not magic but factual.

1, Intention

What do you want ? What do you need? What do you value? and how do you want to feel when these are made reality?

When thinking of feelings, be sure to write those feelings down into words.

2, Creative

Get all your supplies ready, A large piece of cardboard or paper, Glue pins or tape, Pens and paint, and lots of images from magazines books and scissors.

3, Make some room

Find a space you can work from, where you wont need to be moved, if your not finished you can come back to the next day with out anything being disturbed.

Pick you images & words

4, look through images, magazines and cut out images that best represent your vision. Real estate brochures and high end retailers are a great source for quality images.

Feelings count

5, Start to arrange your images on your board taking care to recognise how they make you feel.

How do your intention feel about these images ? do they fit with your vision ?

Don't add images that don't feel right

write words on your board or maybe drawings anything that adds to the feeling your vision with bring.

6, write a list of things and experiences you can do now that are on the right path towards your vision, write down quality in you, that you already have that will be present in your future vision.

when writing down these qualities you may feel some resistance and inner “you cant do this “ voice, this is quite normal. Heal these feeling by paying attention to them and recognising them, tell yourself its ok to feel this and if needed forgive yourself.

By looking closer to yourself and your desire to ask for more or change its comment to feel the gilt of not worthy, the more you tell yourself you are and feel yourself in your future wish the more your energy will align with that vision and the dread feeling of not worthy will fade away.

7, Hang your vision board in a space you will see every day ( not the top of your wardrobe ) and look at it ,connecting with the feeling you visualised when making it. the more you align with the right energy frequency the stronger the pull and quicker the manifest.

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