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My first Reiki experience

I first stumble across Reiki back in 2002, after phoned my local therapy centre looking to see what available they had. At the time I was really poorly waiting for a horrible operating and all I really want a little me time.

So I took myself down to the Therapy centre and was told she’d booked me in for a Reiki session, I had no idea what it was, thinking maybe it was a massage or reflexology sort of thing, I went along with it.

It turned out to be one of the biggest life-changing experiences of my life.

I was asked to lie down and was wrapped up in warm blankets. The therapist was softly spoken, kind and very reassuring. She explained the Reiki process which all sounded lovely, to be honest, whatever it was, I was getting an hour out of my normal day and that was good for me.

She started off softly talking to me taking me on a journey from a familiar garden bench, across fields of flowers, over streams through a forest of trees, until I came out on to a small grassy hill with a gate. I stood leaning on the gate crossed arms, looking down the hill to a lake on the lake was a wooden jetty. The therapist guided me through the gate down to the lake and asked what I could see on the jetty.

To my amassment, I could see a group of girls sat on the jetty all wearing different coloured dresses and an older man who walked towards me.

He asked if there was anything I would like to ask him.

Now, Right now I know I'm lying on a therapist bed! but this man is clear as day, Talking to me.

Literally, all I could think of at the time was “ who are those people “ He laughed and said your family”. I didn't recognise any of them.

My therapist's voice came back in to focus and she's guiding me away back up the hill to the gate, where there a bench. I’m asked to sit on the bench and there is someone sat next to me.

I look to my right and there is this beautifully handsome man very tall, way taller than anyone I’ve ever seen. He had extremely dark skill and is wearing a pure white linen outfit. I look down to his feet and he’s wearing flip flops ?

This is so funny coz I love flip-flops?

He smiles, In his hands is a small box, he opens the box and asked me if I want him to get rid of anything? Guiding me to put whatever I want to get rid of in the box, and he’ll take care of it. I but my health problems in it the thoughts that my doctor was worried about over my operation I was due. He closed the box and threw it up in the air and it turned to glitter and disappeared. “It's that easy”

He put his arm around me pulling me close almost like a child in parent arms wrapped in a blanket. When I looked at his arm it was feathers. I could easily have stayed there forever, but my therapist's voice comes back to my awareness, taking me back through the journey I’d taken to get there, back to the bench in the garden.

When I woke up I needed so many answers. I told her what had happened, she explained that he was my guide, which was so comforting to know he’s always around looking after me.

I was hooked on Reiki, what had happened and was overwhelmed with the excitement of what I’d experience, it totally changes my life.

I started my training in Reiki just a few months after this. Reiki has been a wonderful part of my life a guide and crutch to rely on.

The complication my Doctor expected from my operation never happened and I can only thank my guide for that.

Reiki is a soft energy moving therapy that can help with all number of things, from health problems in your body, mind and soul. It can be sent to heal past experiences and forwards to future wishes.

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