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The Universe isnt out to trip you up, You get what you FEEL you Deserve

It's easy to go around feeling hard done by!

A "why me" attitude is the lowest form of energy to manifest from, do yourself a favour and pack it in!

No, you're not learning a lesson by living in poverty or doing without that one thing you've always wanted, you've created this situation and now its time to get control of your minds to imagine and step up to attract what you really do want.

Lifes no the way the cookie crumbles?

Believe you deserve it and you'll attract it!

Have a fear and you’ll be stuff exactly where you are.

We all want better for ourselves,

but do you really feel you deserve it?

A client of mine once told me she felt she didn't belong in the home she lived in, she lives in a wealthy area and an expensive house, But constantly told herself she didn't belong there.

It created confrontations with neighbours, upset at the schoolyard with the mums who all knew they did belong there.

She carried this air of resentment constantly referring back to herself growing up on a council estate as if this was the most important aspect of her. “look how hard done she was” It wasn't!

being brought up in a poor family was her foundation and her achievement was working hard to achieve her home in the affluent area.

But she could'nt let it go.

She told me it was hard growing up on her estate as a child and she recreated it in the present with her thoughts.

Her problems with others in the area, she had created with her constant referents to the council estate.

We all can manifest subconsciously without even knowing, And as soon as she realised her looking back connection was creating a riff in the now she was able to put a stop to it.

The good thing is we’re not given anything we can’t handle, and when we step into our spiritual soul self we are able to see the bigger picture.

Make your thoughts reflect your true future wish.

Where do you want to be in five or ten years time?

I can help you get clear on what you want, need to change, and where your attention needs to focus to manifest your dreams.

Get Energy savvy X

Hi I'm Lisa

I'm an Energy Mentor, Empath & Reiki Master

Here I share my years of Energy awareness helping entrepreneurs enhance the energy flow of their business, releasing blocks investing in positive energy.

I work with Clients at long distance with my Reiki Distance Healing, Money Reiki to Boost Money Flow.

I’d love to share with you,

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