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Intuition Motivation & Trust

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

A great way to Motivate yourself to trust your intuition is by looking back at times you've acted on your intuition signals. Those moments you took a different path to work and bumped into an old friend. When you decide to go with the flow and end up having the best day, instead of doing what you usually do. These are times you were listening to your intuition!

Intuition Connection

We connect to our intuition every day mostly without realising it, the best way to recognise these intuition connections is by writing them down in a journal. Not only does it keep track of it but by recognising it you enhance the strength.

your inner guidance will always be with you the trick is to move your ego out the way. Overthinking can empower your ego, and so this is why we talk so much about meditating.

When you take the time to quiet the mind of chatter, not only will you feel more peace but it will enhance your true soul energy, building confidence in your intuition.

Intuition only makes good decisions, moving you in the right direction, never steering you away from who you are or are meant to be.

Don't get me wrong it can feel uncomfortable at the time, but if you trust in your intuition it always pays off and those inner feels quickly become clear.

"In the moment" Quick intuition checks.

When in a situation that you know your ego might jump!

take a minute.

Ask your body to give you signals and check on them.

This is common sense ( you know your Sixth Sense) Check how your gut feels, how your heart feels and how your head feels.

what signals are you getting? does something feel off? if so step back take a moment, with recognising this feeling you will get the answers.

When your new to your intuition journey it can sometimes take time to get the answers, but you will get them, and then in time the stronger you become tuning in the quicker the response.

Don't Force an answer if it's not there, clear your mind and let it come to you.

Ever had a light bulb moment when washing the dishes or cleaning up? these are tuning in times, times your tuning into your intuition these can be gold. so make sure you write these ah-ha moments down.

Even in a tricky situation Relax

Confusion, upset, anger all create a confused decision so never make a decision without your calm intuition.

Developing your Intuition

When we use our intuition correctly we open up a whole new world of Energy. You'll clearly understand your direction almost like following a light. You'll get super clever on sniffing out the wrong, negative lies. Reading energy that looks normal to the eye becomes either a red light or green never anything in between.

Intuition is a build in superpower almost like having your best friend on google speedily, two steps ahead of you 24/7.

Intuition is always looking forwards

Those feels and thoughts and then they happen? what is that?

Well, that's your intuition being two steps ahead, no your not predicting the future but your intuition is in the know of what's about to happen.


Trust is such a big part of living intuition never trusting is like walking around blind, intuition is going with the flow, knowing what you want in life and

knowing you're higher self-has your back.

Intuition living is using a gift you've had your entire life, it will pop up now and again but can be drowned out when we most need it.

By empowering your intuition it becomes your strongest sense, a tool you can trust on 100%.

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Lisa Salisbury

Reiki Master / Energy awareness Mentor

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