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Body Mind Emotion health connection

Our Bodies hold all our life's stories!

There will always be a story that started with the smallest thought or word underneath every health struggle.

What happens in our head repeats in our body, Why? Because we are one unit.

When attention is given to these thoughts and words they become empowered becoming bigger and bigger until they become a large bulbous mass just like how we roll a ball to create a snowman.

Eventually, with enough attention time and neglect, this mass of negative energy will need structure to hold on to, that structure is our physical body.

This is a simplified chart of the body-mind emotion connection.

Emotional struggles connect to the physical body creating physical struggles. Accumulate a density of energy in certain places in our body.

Right side struggles tend to be about males in our life or male characteristics.

the left side is about females or female characteristics.

Eyes - “ I can't stand to see? “ Watching struggles in the world around them.

Sinuses - tears that need to be cried

Ear - hearing what you don’t want to hear

Jaw + teeth - Unresolved issues, over-thinking old problems, “ He chews on it over and over”

Throat - Expression, Expressing not saying your wishes, what's right for you, Expression creatively

Hypo Thyroid - Too much going out, Holding on to old dark secrets, hype personality

Back of neck/ shoulders - “He carries the weights of the world on his shoulders “ feel they have limitations over responsibilities. have to do do do all the time, the emotion of wanting to do

Bronchitis to lung - Arguing stuck in anger current anger. stuck emotions, angry all the time repeated stuck

Lungs - Sorrow and grieving

Heart - Seat of emotions, not expressing feelings or emotions, lonely, someone has broken your heart, a loved one has broken your values.

breast - sell nurturing or not! are you taking care of yourself.

another person influence, when loss of someone who was deeply caring, primary nurturing emotion loss of nurturing. feel you need to give to others more "it's my time now, I've done enough for others" "what about me".

Liver - Old anger Rage. you find it difficult to connect with your inner voice. searching for substance or people to fill the void within. bitter about how your life has panned out.

Gall bladder - Bitter critical. bitter about life. it hardens to life

Stomach - own your own power or not! something or someone is Eating away at your power. told to not be who you want to be.

Spleen - life is toxic, your life too toxic for you, feeling attached and abused not knowing what love is. feeling overwhelmed

Pancreases -“life didn’t turn out as I wanted it” life is not sweet enough. I treat myself to sweet because it's not in my life. No one is nice to me

Small Intestines - Unable to adsorb life, can't understand it, ‘I don’t understand this life patten I’m in”

Large intestines - Colon - Holding on to old crap, constipation “can not let go”, hard emotions. Diarrhoea lost control of old emotions, old crap of life IBS - irritation, the anger of old crap

Hip + lower Abdomen - problems in this area are connected with feelings towards our upbringing

Bladder - pissed off, at Parents and upbringing, holding on to anger, New Anger

Uterus - Our home life now and our upbringing.

Testicles + ovaries - create in life, the creativity of life not flowing.

Prostate - Pressure in life, feel the need to protect and support the family financially. an old fashioned thought on males duties.

Haemorrhoids- power not owning his charisma self-power.

Joined - inflexibility anger lines are not smooth bumps in the road of life.

Feet - stuck in life fear of moving forwards

Brainstem - shock and overwhelmed,

Vertebrae - ridged burdened with the responsibility

12 thoracic - top 1-6 shutting down of emotions, 4 broken heart,

middle 6-12 is a victim,

lower lumbar - security, money, stuck in childhood pain

sacrum - no power in their childhood put down

Kidneys - Disappointment not filtering negativity criticism struggles in partnership

Adrenal glands - top of kidneys - no self-care, giving too much to others not taking care of yourself, “I’m always giving to others I never have time for me”

Butts - sitting on old pain, lumber 4-5 static pain nerve on fire, stuck in old childhood pain

Ribs- protects our emotions are not being protected, lost structure in life

Skeletor bones - the structure of life not secure

Lymph - can’t defend themselves, feel a nuisance in the family, overly controlled by people, deep bitter anger, rejecting your own needs.

Nervous system - communication, struggle with saying what needs to be said. difficulty expressing your feelings misunderstood. challenging to listen to your gut instincts. silent fits of anger.

Skin - erupt Pressure of emotions build-up, deep-seated insecurities and irritation. the skin is a person's physical boundary keeping them safe. when circumstances environmental factors or people challenge this barrier, it will speak up for itself by means of itching, burning or feeling irritated.

Dry skin- avoiding emotions needs lurching needs.

Autoimmune - body fighting against yourself lack of self-care, lack of love hatred

vascular system - the flow of life plugged up blocked no support system

High blood pressure - stress, high emotions

low blood pressure - "I give up what’s the use"

Healing has several levels, firstly we need to recognise the trigger emotion or historic event. Without being true to ourselves and recognising a past emotion or event it's hard to clear the problem.

In my medical intuitive sessions, I become an aerial for my spirit specialist guides to read your stories/ energy and pinpoint the triggers, because sometimes these stories are so deeply hidden we've totally forgotten them. when you are ready with their help I can guide you to eliminate these energy buildups and fill the space with new vibrant positive energy.

Don't mistake this for hippy mumbo jumbo this is real! just like you & I are!

our guides are here waiting for us physical beings to step up and learn how to heal in this way, how to understand that our minds are the engine to everything that happens in our life.

I'm a down to earth normal as normal can be mum and wife, who enjoys gardening and a glass of wine now and again... I don't wear purple or crushed velvet I don't do incense sticks or even dance under the moon but what I do is understand energy, that we are energy and that our words, emotions and feelings are very powerful forces.

Get your crappy historic energy in order and your life thrives. x

There will never be a crowd at the leading edge of thought - Abraham Hicks

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