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Intuitive Health Guidance

My goal is always to empower you to awaken your intuition and assist you in your own healing.

Intuitive guidance comes from a connection with my spirit guides who are with me to help achieve a window of clarity for my clients to heal from. We will start with an energy connection with your allowance to your energy your emotion your physical health and your spiritual health

  • ENERGETICALLY: By tapping into your fields I can assess your energy. What does it look like? Where it is low at. Your chakras and aura give me a larger picture of what’s going on. Taking care of your energy fields are critical. I can not say that enough. I can find a lot in the auric field prior to it even manifesting in the physical body.

We will discuss your personal energy fields and how to correct any problems or incoming situations.

  • EMOTIONALLY: What emotions may be present in your physical problem?

  • If you do not have a physical body problem, then I am going to look at what emotions need to be released from your fields. Again, we do not have anything to manifest in the physical body, so prevention is key!

We will discuss how to release emotions and techniques to finally move on!

  • PHYSICALLY: We all can use some insight into what our physical body needs. I will give you some clues to your own body but I am going to teach you how to become your own advocate for health. Empowering you to open your intuition and give you a toolbox that you can use for the rest of your life.

I’ll teach you how to open up the lines of communication between your body, mind and emotions. Empowering you is key!

  • SPIRITUALLY: The best thing that you can do for yourself is to turn on your intuition. In this session, I will give you the tools you need to open your intuition and connect with your soul.

By allowing your Higher Self or Soul Self to lead the way and get out of your ego, you are becoming more in alignment with yourself and the Divine. This creates a beautiful flow to your life. You will be able to make the choices that are good for you.


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