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Plant spirit healing

Each plant had a different quality, different aspect of healing energy

Reading will consist of three cards. I Use my own plant spirit oracle cards that help with receive Guidance and Healing from plant spirits.

  • You may receive an abundance of love & hearts healing from the Peonies or you may receive access to energy that can ward off negative energy around you with the help of the Cumin plant.

  • Hawthorn shares spiritual rebirth and Giant Redwood floods you with strong safety, durability and protection.

"What a wonderful way to Access energy from Earths Spirit Guardian's"

Our Beautiful earth is a living thing, with a massive population of living plant species that cover the earth almost by 95%, they are the Earths spirit guardians, protecting not only the Earth but also every other living creature including us humans.

Each Plant is alive has a purpose and have spirit guides.

We all know that we receive oxygen and food from the plant world but we also receive a great deal more.


The Energy vibration from the plant world helps protect us to heal. Certain plants will surround us when we are in need of their energetic qualities, appearing in our gardens or on our journey to work as if by magic.

The biggest strongest trees will grow in the middle of a busy town to help slow the frequency down. Or maybe the humble dandelion seems to appear everywhere that there is upsetting emotions or illness. These plants hold the right energy to help us, and by tuning in and purposely accessing this energy it can greatly benefit our health & life.

"My plant spirit healing session left me feeling relaxed and refreshed. It was beautiful connecting with the healing energy of the plant kingdom"

"During the plant energy meditation, I was sitting under the canopy of a large tree I have a golden headband around my forehead. Golden light is streaming down I ask the light to concentrate on healing my aching hands and they start to tingle.

After a short while, I leave my body and am laying down on a bed of leaves feeling safe and held as if I am hibernating a glass case is over my body and rainbow light is everywhere.

Eventually, I wake and move back into my body that is levitating. I feel at peace and my hands are tingling and I can move them a little easier.

Thank you so much it was a profound experience and I’m sure I will feel the positive effects more in coming day"

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