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Your Hearts Superpower Energy Field (Toroidal Field)

Your Electromagnetic Energy Field

The hearts magnetic field is the strongest rhythmic field of energy produced by humans.

It envelops every cell of the body, also extending out in all directions into the space around us. The hears magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers.

Research conducted at HMI suggests the heart's field is an important carrier of information.

The human energy field moves in a formation that Science recognizes as “The Toroidal Field”.

You're an amazing power

The human Toroidal Field is directed by our breath, and, just as we take regular showers to cleanse our physical body, we must take regular energy showers.

As humans, we are not meant to be a weak link in the Universal System. We are meant to be a powerful bridge between Heaven and Earth. The Toroidal field is the key to our connection.

By building up and regularly cleansing our Toroidal Field our old, thickened barriers will be released, our energy will sparkle and shine, and our Aura will enlarge creating the most potent protection of all--Our human Toroidal Field. Increasing our spiritual connection will our higher self and purpose, bringing forwards with ease the life we wish for.

The image below shows the direction in which energy flows around us.

Please don't see this as a cage or a protection exercise, years ago many promoted the bubble of light protection shield or the crystal ball around you, this is all built on fear. If this has been your go-to spiritual practice please do try the toroidal exercise instead, you will feel the benefit is far stronger remembering to regularly connect in on your energy field.

The goal of our human energy shower is to fill ourselves so full of electric gold energy and rainbows that all of our bones, muscles and organs are so full that the shine goes out past our skin. We become so full of this energy that it rises into the heavens, it taps the universal light force of Source. Then wisdom and energy rain down into our body, our energy field, into the earth and back up through our bodies, once again, then shooting upward into the heavens. The more we practice this cycle, the faster the cycle repeats itself, until it creates the luminous energy field that we are meant to be.

Before beginning any ritual, it is extremely important to ground yourself. Grounding is the conscious connection that we have with the earth that we dwell on, The earth that we walk on is part of who we are. To function properly we must be balanced with the earth as we are with the Heavens. Grounding keeps us from becoming too spacey and disconnected from the physical world. After, all our bodies are made up of the elements found in the soil and water. Vital to the Divine circuitry is living, existing and being aware in the non-physical and the physical at the exact same time.

Your Toroidal Exercise Your Breath is the pump that moves the energy up.

  • imaging with every breath, that you are also breathing through the soles of your feet.

  • See this energy as bright beautiful rainbow colours, all colours of the rainbow.

  • Imagine that every inch of your body is filling up with rainbows,

  • Imagine Gold Bright Glisiring sparkily Gold mingling with all the colours of the rainbow swirling up through the soles of your feet filling every inch of your body.

  • See your crown chakra opening up and the colours shouting up into the heavens.

  • Know that your energy is connecting with the sacred divine wisdom that is always there for you.

  • Watch as the energy flows back down all around you, through you, back down to the earth, where it again travels back up through the souls of your feet to start the process again.

Build this momentum, feel the power flowing through you empowering you. A free-flowing energy much like the wind, see the flow of energy rising up into the heavens and then raining down into the body and then entering your energy field, very much like a water fountain. Our energy rises, fills our body, then expands out beyond the lines of our bodies without any limits.

Where thoughts go energy flows

Please don't overthink this process, The simple fact is that this does not have to be hard or time-consuming. Simply, think about it and the energy will naturally and instantly follow your thoughts.

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