Your Energy Has All the Answers

Discover, Heal, Empower & Evolve


Energy sessions help take a deeper Psychic Energy look

at your health and wellbeing.

Discover and Heal the origin of troubled health, old patterns, be it a physical, mental or

emotional imbalance.


  • Our bodies contain our life's history,

Every event and relationship, every emotion be it happy or sad.

  • Adding positive healing energy, Clearing unwanted patterns making space for future wishes.

As our lives unfold, our biological health becomes a living, breathing biographical statement that conveys our strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears." some of which can manifest into massive physical problems, these sessions step in the way of disruption to realign you to your natural energy.

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Psychic Energy Health

Pinpoint the primary blockage points that are the root cause of every physical and psychological i.e. illness, injury, issue, condition or symptom.


Most importantly without the client having to address on a cognitive level ....

the why's, when's and how's!​

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Space Clearing your Home

Good Health for your Home ​

enhances good health for you!

Our Homes hold Energetically all emotion’s that have ever been created in them, vibrating this energy out repeatedly into your home. 

This can be greatly influential to all that live there. 


This energy is a combination of all emotions and events from sadness, arguments and Trauma to happiness. 

 Energy sticks to your home like glue...

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No ordinary Reiki treatment!

​My Reiki sessions are not ordinary reiki sessions as I use all of my energy awareness.

As well as using Reiki for healing I also have a team of spirit specialists at hand to help with  Spiritual healing. An intuitive session, for whole holistic health & wellbeing balancing.

Throughout the session I am informed about your energy, your health and wellbeing even historic problems your energy is still attached to, which can contribute to health problems.


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Holistic Healing can benefit all physical mental and emotional elements. For those with recurring & continual health problems. for example - allergies, asthma, digestion disorders, conditions, joint pain, stress, phobias, Boosting the immune system, Lowering cholesterol, Improving circulation, Treating insomnia, Reducing stress, Counter Anxiety, Ease chronic pain, Improve memory even encouraging concentration. It also helps with emotional difficulties like overthinking past events. Helping with general day to day recurring problems in life.

A Holistic Healing session does not provide, or replace, medical diagnosis, which is based on a totally different evaluation and treatment model. An allopathic medical diagnosis is symptom-based: it seeks to provide a medical name for a cluster of symptoms or complaints provided by the patient and is based on organs and organ systems as isolated specialities: cardiology, neurology, dermatology. The medical diagnosis often reflects the organ affected: appendicitis, heart disease, colitis, gallbladder disease, and so on.

Prevention, or looking at the “whole person” as an individual, is a major strength of alternative Energy therapies such as Holistic Healing Sessions, Medical Intuition.


Knowledge is Power Your body "knows" subconsciously what has been created, Holistic healing sessions opens the conscious awareness first step to get to the root cause, allows powerful healing to take place

Balancing Energy sessions help rebalance your energy physically and emotionally. Making space for new health, clearer understanding and allowing for new possibilities.

Taking out the rubbish Releasing old patterns, beliefs and behaviours limiting your ability to live freely and authentically, rekindling your self-belief.

Self Empowerment Self Healing the amazing world of Energy Balancing has the benefits of healing energy. Helping you re-establishing your natural energy levels, How to Invest in your own Energy, positive energy for self-healing, Creating future Wishes & overcome blocks.

Connecting to new possibilities opening up to the infinite wonder of who you are, with all the possibilities and potentials that are available to you, making space for change, at a deep soul level.


What People say

My reading from Lisa was truly inspiring. 


The information was extremely reassuring and I felt completely safe, valued and supported. 

Lisa is a delight to work with, very professional and I always felt she had my health and highest well-being at heart at all times. 

I’m new to medical intuitive readings, but I found it to be an amazing, comforting and thought-provoking experience. 

What I learned is going to help me such a lot with my future healing, but it’s also added a lovely new dimension to my life overall. 


I highly recommend Lisa and her wonderful work!

Danielle Raine