Reiki Treatment

Reiki Is universal Energy 

(energy healing, spiritual healing, hands-on healing and Distance Healing) 

Reiki practitioner acts as a channel or conduit directing the beneficial energy which is found in all beings, which is the energy our bodies use to self-heal and rejuvenate.

By working with the body's bio-energetic field (aura) and energy centres (chakras) the Reiki boosts the body's natural healing processes - much like charging a flat battery.

Healing clears blockages in the energy field and brings it into balance so that it can function harmoniously once more.

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Mental Benefits

  • By discovering root causes of mental health conditions helped me to fine-tune the healing, bringing about positive results for clients suffering from, anger issues, anxiety attacks and depression.

  • One of the biggest benefits that Reiki healing brings is helping those suffering from stress.  I’ve helped many to deal with this silent danger by performing intense healing during a session and providing takeaway techniques to enhance the healing.

  • This mental balance also enhances learning, memory and mental clarity. Reiki can heal mental/emotional wounds, work through dysfunction In more severe situations, Reiki can help alleviate mood swings, fear, frustration and even anger. Reiki can also strengthen and heal personal relationships.

Emotional Benefits

  • One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities (immune system), aids in better sleep and improves and maintains health.

  • Reiki helps bring about inner peace and harmony. It can be a valuable tool in the quest for spiritual growth.

  • healing has helped to remove mental blockages which had stopped some of my client's progress in their lives

  • I’ve helped them to gain clarity, direction and focus

  • Provided healing to better manage separation, divorce and bereavement

  • Reiki has helped to boost confidence, helping them to change their mindset, increase their self-worth and reduce negative thinking

  • Other benefits have included: improved personal & professional relationships and how others interact with you

Physical benefits

  • The healing techniques I use have helped to improve sleep, bringing about better sleep, deeper sleep

  • Reiki has helped my clients who are suffering from chronic tiredness and fatigue.

  • Reiki also balances the mind and emotions. Regular Reiki treatments can bring about a calmer and more peaceful state of being, in which a person is better able to cope with everyday stress. 


  •  Reiki helps to relieve pain from a migraine, arthritis, sciatica ~ just to name a few. It also helps with symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, menopausal symptoms, and insomnia.

  • Reiki speeds up recovery from surgery or long-term illness. As it helps in adjusting to medicine/treatment, it also tends to reduce side-effects. For example, Chemo-therapy patients who received Reiki noticed a marked decrease in the side effects of treatment.

  • Reiki can be an effective way to treat immediate problems, such as physical or mental illness (recovery from surgery, but regular treatments can also improve overall health. By helping to maintain a state of physical and emotional balance, Reiki can not only treat problems but perhaps even prevent them from ever developing.

Reiki Treatment

A typical session

Before you begin your treatment, I will explain to you what the treatment involves. During this consultation, you may wish to tell me why you are here seeking Reiki and details of your medical history. 

After this consultation, you will be asked to sit or lie down in a comfortable position. You do not need to remove your clothing for Reiki healing. For comfort, you may wish to remove constricting layers, shoes and/or glasses.

The treatment itself involves the practitioner placing their hands gently on the body, or slightly above the body, in a predetermined sequence. The position of the hands is non-intrusive and should not cause any discomfort. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, let me know. The amount of time spent in each position will depend on the nature of your concern. The touch should be gentle and light, Reiki is not supposed to manipulate or massage.

How will I feel?

Everyone will respond differently to Reiki depending on their individual circumstances. Some people say they feel sensations during their Reiki healing, while others do not. Some feel heat or tingling during the treatment and some report seeing colours. For some, the experience brings up an emotional response. The most common response, however, is a feeling of calm, relaxation and well-being.

After the treatment,

you may feel very relaxed, or you may feel energised. There is no right or wrong way to experience Reiki. Some people say after the treatment they encounter a 'healing reaction', like a headache or flu-like symptoms. If you are concerned about any reaction, speak to your practitioner. 

Treatment Room
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How many sessions will I need?

This will vary from person to person. It is important to remember that Reiki healing is a process, and therefore may take a number of sessions. Generally, the more chronic and long-term the concern is, the more sessions it will require.

Your practitioner may recommend a number and/or the spacing of your sessions. You should, however, feel free to make the decision about the spacing of your treatment yourself.

Do I have to believe in anything to receive Reiki?

Not all all. It doesn't matter whether you believe in Reiki or not - it will still work. Reiki was designed not to be associated with any particular religion or set of beliefs and is 'Universal' (the Rei in Reiki can be translated as 'universal'). It is all-inclusive and actually works through the idea of interconnectedness, rather than division or separation. People with all backgrounds and beliefs* use and enjoy Reiki. 


*Christians might find the website helpful in answering questions specific to your faith.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Distance Healing sessions are payable in advance and can also be paid with your preferred method (PayPal, BACS transfer, card payment etc).

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Reiki is completely safe and natural

It can never do any harm and has no negative side effects. Reiki is completely safe and natural, it can never do any harm and has no negative side effects

Reiki is a gentle, effective and non-invasive form of healing. Reiki essentially means "universal life force energy" and this is what a person who has been initiated into the Usui System channels into, Reiki is uncomplicated and beautifully simple. 

Reiki is not a religion, and as such, to benefit from the Reiki healing you do not need to change or challenge your religion or beliefs, in fact, you do not even need to believe in Reiki for it to work.

Saying that Reiki is not a religion does not mean that it without morals and integrity.

Reiki practitioners are guided by the Reiki Precepts.

Reiki is a beautiful energy healing system which is soothing yet powerful at the same time