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Turn your home into a magnet for Success Energy Space Clearing - Wirral and surrounding areas

  • 6 hours
  • £180 - £250
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Space Clear your home Service is spread over two appointments of 2 hour slots Turn your home into a magnet for Success Energy Space Clearing Eliminating old energy in your home that can be influencing your life & emotions, to create a clear fresh environment. Home Space clearing can help improve health & vitality, increase your wealth, give direction in life, it helps with achieving inner peace and to excel at work. It can also help with selling houses & buying a new home. A Soul For Your Home – A Home For Your Soul” My First Visit - 2 Hours - Appointment booked here We arrange for me to visit your home and do an initial assessment, this is the time to share what you would like to achieve. I'll work a plan out for my assessment that will be carried out on my second visit. I may give you some work to be in between these visits for example: moving clutter or defining what rooms are mainly used for, Maybe I recognise that for clients struggling to sell a property that there are signals of pull-push energy between the residents, maybe someone doesn't really want to move is will need to be addressed. I will discuss the process so you are fully aware of what will happen on the second visit. This first visit will last between 1 & 2 hour. My Second visit - 2 hours - appointment book once homework is complete This is the day I correct and move the energy in your home. Please note that your cherished memories of a place won't disappear in this process but will stay with you on your move to a new home. I will travel around your home several times working on each room individually, Identifying stuck energy and helping it move on. Once I am satisfied the energy is clear I will go back around and fill each room with Reiki earth energy & Plant spirit energy. Your spirit guides may ask I add an affirmation and pass their wishes for you into your space. These will only ever come from a higher good and no negative or disruptive energy can be passed on in this work. The time it takes to do this procedure depends on the size of the property, arrearage 3-bed semi takes up to 2 hour In person - Lisa Salisbury Arrange appointment - to avoid confusion I work mobile - this is a face-to-face appointment at your location. Wirral and surrounding areas,

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