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Your Energy
Health and Spiritual connection


We are not just physical beings but a combination of highly skilled energy levels.  

Many energy levels contribute to our health and well-being, If just one of these energy levels is "off" it can affect every aspect of our life from health to relationships and even general day-to-day activities.

Life's experiences both positive and negative can create patterns that are held within our physical body, these patterns can manifest in many areas of our life including physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Energy Balance helps stop the repeated patterns aligning you back to your natural self.

*If you suffer from overthinking past events this can be a sign of imbalance in the third eye chakra. 

* If your heart chakra is off balance it can create problems in your chest area and arms, it can create emotional upset make us feel unloved and isolated as well as heart and lung problems.

*Resistance to change sluggish feelings with lack of vitality fear and anxiety all come from a blocked root chakra 

Throughout our lives, emotional and physical traumas, as well as conflicts, can impair the connections in our bodies. These in turn can cause blockages and cellular degeneration, which can be the underlying cause of illness and performance restrictions.

Due to the use, abuse, misuse, disuse, and lack of services that the body’s systems have to endure during a lifetime, these blockages in the circuitry causes the body to work in an adaptive and less efficient way.

Similarly, it has a limited ability to heal, repair and recover.

The Energy Balance technique I use can work on a deep circuitry level to release the blockages and the memory patterns, which in turn enhances cellular - regeneration, communication, and homeostasis as well as enabling shifts to the mind.

The human body has the ability to self-repair, and self-heal, and enable you to recover and move beyond illnesses and ailments. Similarly, you can enhance your ability to function and perform on all levels: - instinctual, physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual.

Not only provide general healing to the body as a whole but also works on specific blockages, working on a scanning level which increases the accuracy of the treatment.

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Image by Jr Korpa

Healing Energy

The Healing in my session is a combination of Psychic Energy reading, connection with my team of Guides, and Reiki & Spiritual healing.

Throughout the session I am informed about your energy, balanced or not, and given information on energy-draining elements, your health, and well-being even historic problems to your energy are still attached, which can contribute to health problems.


What do I get?

No two sessions are alike. I will be working on……

  • Blocks that can be highlighted and removed,

  • A review of your body’s Energetic levels, systems, and symptoms

  • A review of your chakras vitality 

  • A look at the themes, “stories,” and influences that may impact your well-being

  • Past experiences even past lives

  • Loved ones in spirit

  • Your life purpose

  • Things your body needs, such as foods, minerals, etc you may be deficient in..... and more.


Sessions can pinpoint the primary blockage points that are the root cause of every physical and psychological i.e. illness, injury, issue, condition, or symptom. Most importantly without the client having to address on a cognitive level .... the why's, when's, and hows!

When it comes to treatment, it's not about treating illness.

What's paramount is treating the client and how their symptom resonates in their body.

You will receive

  • Energy reading, With your permission I will connect and read your energy, asking specific Questions related to what you want or need to resolve.

  • Energy Healing, each session is personal to each client, but healing may come in the form of reiki, spiritual connection with your guides, or even instruction that we work through together. 

  • Soulful self - I'll share tips and homework to help keep your energy on track, this may also consist of messages from loved ones, your guides, and even guide you to connect with your guides.

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Your Energy Field 

Sit just for a moment and imagine your energy around you just like in this image. your energy is capable of picking up information from anything or anyone who comes close to this sphere. without regular grounding and energy balancing, this sphere can become blocked firing off incorrect signals which in time can have an effect on our health and wellbeing

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