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Do something wonderful

Do something wonderful

Connecting to your true soul energy is wonderfully powerful.

It brings connection to all things around you, it brings contentment, clarity, a clear mind and helps to heal your body.

Being unhappy with your life, feeling down in the dumps, always feeling unwell in one way or another are just a few signs you’re not connected to your true self.

Start today take the challenge.

It takes just a few minutes out each day, sit alone, quiet almost in meditation and relax.

Clear your mind of the busy day you’ve had or know your about to go through.

Connect with your soul energy

Rub your hands together feel the warm between them, now put one hand or both on your heart.

Visualise a beautiful bright white

light where your heart is.

Feel it spin and grow until it completely surrounds you.

This is your soul energy, this is connecting

The more you do the stronger and easier it is to connect.

Make this a part of your every day, it’s the most beautiful gift you can give yourself.

Please let me know what changes come your way x

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