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Why getting your act together Triggers off everything going to pot!

Why is it that when we make a decision to turning our life’s round that we’re just one step from ruining it all?

Have you ever planned to do the one thing you’ve dreamed off all your life but never made it past the planning stage? Why is this?

No matter how well we set out our plan’s, we always allow a little room for

negative thought to kick in and change everything,

or even turning it all back worse than before.

I call it the, If’s, buts and maybe’s, in the past I’ve been an expert at letting in the. If’s, buts and maybe’s, when they kick in we get nowhere.

What can we do better?

Set yourself straight from the start, set amazing Plans. Start your new adventure with the correct mind set in the first place, this will allow no room for them. If, Buts and maybe’s.

Make your plans for what you want to achieve write it all down every last detail take your time and get advice from those in the know.

Turn your ideas into a picture not only in your mind but also on paper, by making a mood board, Add cut out pictures your find in magazines, news articles, do some drawings add as much detail as possible so when you catch a quick glimpse of your mood board you know exactly how it feels to have or be your desire.

Realise what holding you back, is there some kind of programming going on in your mind, have you subconsciously told yourself, it will never work, or I’m not good enough for this to happen to.

A great way to find out the key problems that are holding you back is to take time out for yourself and meditate, sit quietly, light a candle if you wish, play some soft music and relax, you don’t have to chant or anything like that, But simply relax.

Relax your whole body breathe deeply until you feel completely relaxed. Once you are relaxed be aware of thoughts that come in to your mind, what are they?

Are they past negative events that you are trying to forget, a lot of our problems do rise up when are minds are quiet, those few moments just before we go to sleep, they seem to sneak in there, I believe it’s a way of us organising them and making sense of what went on and why.

The more you meditate the better you get at laying the negative problems from the past to rest.

A great exercise to do when they pop in to your mind is to visualise a door in your mind, open the door and allow the pull of the door opening pull the negative image/memory out, slam the door behind it and say that’s gone I don’t need that memory anymore.

Visualisation yes I know that old trick but it really works. By visualising what you want build up stronger energy of what you want and allows less space in your life for the things you don’t want. for anything to be in your life it first has to live in your subconscious mind only them, will the science be set to work to bring it into the now.

Add to your daily routine. Set a few minutes twice a day or more if you can fit it in, a set time to sit and meditate your visions of the new you, with that you want in your life.

Go back to your mood board if it helps. Picture yourself as if you already have or are living the life you want.

Mindfuliving with creative visualisation

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