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Grounding techniques for Empaths

Grounding techniques for Empaths

Empaths Pick up on all psychic energy around them including emotions from other people. This can be quite overwhelming for an Empath as most of these traits start to feel like the Empaths, even when their not. An Empath that is aware and has developed their empathy can sometimes enforce their energy to be stronger and stop the external energy from intruding, but even the most developed Empath will need to learn grounding techniques so that they don't get overwhelmed.

Grounding is a spiritual way of connection your body with the earth, almost like an earth electric cable ground our home of over powering electricity, the earth grounds our body of over powering psychic energy.


Oils and incense sticks aren't just for the hippies, they have great quality to them for not only grounding but also clearing stagnant energy. Herbs have been turned into oils and Incense for hundreds of

years, for warding off spirits to bringing good fortune.

Sage Smudge sticks are especially good at grounding ourselves and our homes.

When burning sage the smoke clears the air of negative energy.

Using natural essential oil cosmetics is best for grounding, and you can also use than for cleaning around your home.

Carry a natural essential oils hand cream to use for when your feeling a little over powered with energy out in public.


Water is incredible powerful, it can be used in lots of different ways to help ground you. drinking the right amount will flush your body and help ground you.

Taking a bath or shower is for me the most powerful as I like to visualise the water washing away any negative energy.

Walk in the rain.

Being near moving water like a stream or the sea is very

powerful, the energy that it takes to move the water will surround you as well, helping to move energy and ground you.

I also like to have water in and around my home in bowls, but this must be changes every day to keep fresh.


Meditation is wonderful for not only clearing your mind and organising your thoughts but it also grounds you. Daily meditation is a massive benefit for most people but especially for Empaths as their energy needs a reboost everyday, or even twice a day.

If your emotions feel off, as if they are someone else's they probably are, and meditation can help sort the emotional confusion. If you feel unhappy or stressed stop and ask yourself a few simple questions:

What is this feeling ? What is going on on in my life right now that may be causing me to

feel like this? Who have I been around and how were they feeling ? What good are these feeling giving me? What feelings are someone else? let it go

What can i think of to boost my emotions? Happy thoughts x


Be in Nature, a walk in the park or along a beach and gardening are just a few ways to connect with nature. As nature is the closest connection to earth, it grounds you automatically without you having to do anything.

Add some nature to your day, if you spend a big part of your day in front of a computer or in a busy city you'll benefit the

most from time in nature.

Be aware of nature birds and insects, look out for the change in seasons and flower growing.

If you liked this post

and know someone who may benefit

please share a good vibe and pass it on x

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