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Stop your intuition getting lost in technology

Learning to develop and trust our intuitive intelligence seems to be lost in the mix of social media influence in all our technology.

I feel its incredible important in this day and age to keep an intuitive connection, as I see so many people loosing their own identity to imitating their peers and famous influences.

We get daily bombarded with information, and other peoples opinions. We loose site of our true identity and pay far less attention to our own needs and wishes, filling our time with wishing to be like someone else, to living a life which isn't ours.

We are exposed to endless opinions, streaming to us 24/7. experts giving us their opinions, telling us this is how we should be.

But for me the only guidance we truly need is that which is already in us, our own intuition, its stood the test of time for so many, its a natural super guide, we already have the access to it and its such a shame when its not used.

If you properly tune in to your intuition it will grow stronger, it starts to become an inbuilt super power, always there when you need it.

Our intuition guides us in the right direction, with choose’s that are in our best interest, creating the best for us.

Intuition is a subtle whisper a feeling an almost knowing. It can feel as if you have a guide telling you to moving is a certain direction, you may at the time have no understanding why your being directed in a certain way. until later when it becomes clear. the more you become aware of these moment’s, the stronger the connection with your intuition.

It starting to enhance your sixth sense, and the connection with your spirit guides.

It feels like, a Gut feeling..

Gut feelings we've all heard of and felt, its part of our language “ I had a gut feeling something was wrong” .

Gut feeling air themselves as the last call, the last instinct, its a security instinct, a built in survival skill. its only a small part of a much bigger intelligence system.

Its a straight talking, yes, no, Get out , run, kind of instinct .

Or it throws you questions. do you want to be here ? why are you doing this? its the intuition that make you aware of danger and being on the wrong path.

Its the Caring Feeling response

Intuitive heart felt care, is another form of intuition, its a response to others and their emotions, its stepping up and doing for others with out reward or acknowledgement. Its the instinct of appropriate words of care. Its the spare of the moment acts of kindness. its a love of animals and our environment.

This heart instinct prompt’s us in acts of kindness, helps us ask ourselves the questions, Do i love my life? how can i help others ?

Your Inner Power Intuition

this goes beyond the psychical to the spiritual Sixth Sense, expanding your vision connection to your higher self, your spirit guides and other energy forces.

This level of energy connection takes you to another level, it see’s beyond the now to a much bigger value of your life, and how you can take yourself from a purely physical materialistic value to becoming a ware of a much bigger picture, life and our universal connection.

Subconsciously connection to spirit

This intuition is the act of connection with your spirit guides or guidance through meditation and advanced awareness practices. Access to realms in spirit from, becoming consciously aware of our connections with this higher level. Conversing with spirits.

When you become aligned with this level of intelligence its hard not to value our life’s, and not to see how we can heal our lives if we want to. We have great power with in us.

The more you become aware of these levels of intuition you will see how greatly the connection grow’s. the more you connect the better the connection it grows stronger.

Other levels of your interest will slowly dim to the background, as their importance don't seem so great.

Your love for nature your environment, will grow. Being intuitive is a skill that grows on so many levels. Its inbuilt help, it can change your life so much for the better.

Silence make’s space for growth x

Are you ready to get clear on your Intuition?

Sharpen those intuition skills. That inner knowing, vision and feeling, that when looking back is always right.

I'm Lisa,

I'm a Empathic Intuitive Sixth Sense Mentor, Reiki Master & Spiritualist.

I share my years of Energy awareness helping Creative women Empower themselves & Flourish x

Clear, balance and ground your energy ready to take on your next adventure. Learn more about yourself expand your gifts to Be your unique you!

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